Picpack is a personalized printing service that turns your pictures into high quality magnets.

We love great products

We love great products. Thus, our goal is to offer you the best magnets and buying experience possible. We did a lot of testing, tried different materials, different sizes and shapes and hope that we finally found the magnet that will make you happy.

The magnets can hold up to four sheets of A4 paper on a fridge. Their dimensions are 5.8 x 5.8 cm (2.28 x 2.28 in), they have slightly rounded corners. We check every single magnet before shipping them to you.

Later on, we started enabling you to turn your Snapcodes into stickers. Do you want to promote you Snapchat account? Our stickers are what you need. – More about the Snapcode stickers.

As of late, Picpack got a siblig of a different kind: with MOY we offer premium pantry supplies at a fair price. We started with dried fruits, nuts and sees – all in organic quality. Some of our personal favourites are dried mangos, macadamia nuts or cranberries.

We ship in one working day

On working days orders are processed within 24 hours after ordering. We ship your magnets by standard airmail from Berlin, Germany to wherever you live. We always try hard to deliver to you as quickly as possible, however not all processes depend on us. Here are our estimated shipping times:

Germany 1 - 3 workdays
Europe 4 - 7 workdays
The rest of the world 10 - 15 workdays

The Picpack gang

Around Christmas 2010 Thomas' daughter got some magnets as an advertising gift and asked why she couldn't have them with her own pictures… Why not? Since Thomas is an addicted Instagram user and his day job is running a printing company, he decided to play around with magnets and experiment on how to produce them. To fulfill the mission — offer high quality magnets for everybody — Tadas and Jakob joined the fun and created getpicpack.com. So here we are, ready to turn your pictures into magnets.

Get in touch

If you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hello drop us an email: hello@getpicpack.com

We are always looking for partners, so if you'd like to become an affiliate please write us.

Would you like to get some magnets for your company? For an event? Feel free to get in touch. We'll do our best to help you and find a way of realizing your idea.

Thank you

Firstly a big thank you to all our customers. We really appreciate every single magnet you order!

Further we want to thank Ben Fuchs and Amos Fricke for the photos of the magnets and Tilman Haerdle for the images on the magnets.

Lastly we want to thank the whole Instagram team for an amazing app without we could never have built Picpack.

12 magnets for 17 € incl. shipping worldwide. Sign up and start creating your pack!

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