Your Facebook Messenger Code on Stickers

Messenger code
Authenticate with Facebook

We need some special permissions to be able to retrieve the Facebook Messenger Codes. In particular, we will ask for your permission to manage your pages and send messages on their behalf but we promise not to do any changes or send any messages.

More Messenger friends

More fans on Facebook? Get your Messenger Code as a sticker and stick it all over the world

The stickers

We print your Messenger Code in vivid color and razor-sharp detail. Stickers are 5.8 x 5.8 cm, with slightly rounded corners.

Next-day shipping

Your stickers will be at your door in no time. Orders ship from Berlin in one business day. See delivery times here.

Honest pricing

One product, one price – no hidden fees. 36 stickers for 12€, 60 for 18€ and 108 for 28€ – always including shipping worldwide.