Picpack Sells Popular Artwork Printed on 6x6cm Magnets

Picpack is a magnet-printing service in Berlin. As well as your personal instagram photos, you can now buy magnets featuring the work of high-profile artists.

Berlin – February 21. Bored with canvas and photo paper? Magnets are a novel way for people to buy art, and a new channel for creatives to publish their work.

Picpack is expanding its magnet-printing service to include the work of talented illustrators and photographers around the world.

Packs of 12 magnets cost €17 each, including free delivery worldwide. Orders ship from Berlin in one business day.

Picpack’s art gallery is growing by the week. The current lineup includes instagram superstars like Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram) and Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k), plus distinguished illustrators like Benjamin Rabe and Farid Rivas Michel. In total, featured artists have half a million followers on Instagram.

“We’re friends with many photographers, illustrators and artists – people who create amazing work and deserve a wider audience,” said Thomas Albrecht, co-founder of Picpack. “By printing their work on magnets, we hope to share our favourite art with the world.”

Picpack is always looking for new talent. Artists are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Send an email to hello@getpicpack.com with a short introduction and at least 12 sample images.

Submissions are curated by the Picpack team: if they like your stuff, you’ll be invited to join the artist pack program and earn a generous sales commission.

“This is a great way for artists to get more exposure and promote their work,” said Jakob Fricke, another co-founder. “We look forward to adding more talented artists in the coming weeks.”


Picpack launched in Berlin in May 2012. Founded by Jakob Fricke, Thomas Albrecht and Tadas Ščerbinskas, the weekend side-project has grown to a mature company and remains 100% bootstrapped.


Email press@getpicpack.com or check out our press page for further information.

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